We Provide Water Testing!

A well set pool or spa starts with balancing your water. Having a balanced water system ensures less problematic situation concerning chemical correction.

image005-300x194Reliable testing in premeasured reagent vials is what we rely on at Lagoon Pools & Spas. We test both pool and spa water. Our Knowledgeable staff are here to help with your pool or spa needs, both with testing your water and to inform as well as guide you in how to correct any issues.

When testing your water source we use the WaterLink Lamotte system. Each vial contains the precise amount of the reagent needed to run each test. This system digitally sends the information to our computer system which allows us to print you up a progress report for you. This report also entails the information needed to correct any problematic situations.

Pool Water Balance – Ideal Ranges

     Total Alkalinity              pH                   Stabilizer                Calcium Hardness    
 80 – 125ppm plaster
125 – 150ppm vinyl
   7.2 – 7.6 30ppm chlorine
60 – 80ppm salt pool
Not calculated for Bromine Pools
        175 – 280ppm
    Chlorine Level           Bromine Level     
    1.5 – 3.0ppm      3.0 – 5.0ppm

It is suggested that your pool water be tested at the beginning of your pool season, 24 – 48 hours after continuous pump circulation of the pool. Use test trips weekly to make sure required levels for water balance are still proper. Recommended in-store water testing is every 3weeks and again about 2 weeks prior to closing your pool. 

Salt Pool owners are encouraged to have the same routine to ensure a good summer of pool use with little disturbance. Note the difference in the stabilizer level for Salt pools. Stabilizer helps to prevent the sun from depleting your chlorine levels. A salt pool needs to manually add stabilizer to the pool opposed to chlorine puck users who when adding pucks also add stabilizer as it is in the pucks. The downfall with this is over stabilization of the pool water.If there are concerns for the safety of your water, please bring a sample to the store for accurate testing.

Hot Tub Water Balance – Ideal Ranges

    Total Alkalinity         pH         Calcium Hardness         Chlorine         Bromine    
     80 – 150ppm 7.2 – 7.6           150 – 280    2 – 3ppm    3 – 5ppm

Hot tub water testing should be done with test strips before using the tub. If there is an issue with the water please bring in a water sample so we too may check the water and prescribe what is needed. Water in a hot tub is generally good for 3 – 4 months depending on usage. Please note that improper water balance can result in damaging the equipment, make the water uncomfortable for the user, and decrease the effectiveness of the sanitizer.

Water testing with Waterlink Lamotte system

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