Chemicals For Your Spa


  • spa-chemicals2-1Spa Tabs – chlorine pucks 20g
  • Chlor-Aid – stabilized chlorinating granules
  • Lithium – chlorinating granules
  • Bromine 2 part system
    • Part A Brom-Aid
    • Part B Energize
    • Brominating Tabs -20g
    • Brominating Granules
  •  Spa Shock – destroys organic contaminants in both Bromine and Chlorine hot tubs

Using a sanitizer regularly kills the harmful bacteria helping to keep the water clean. Body oils, perspiration, hair and dirt build up after using your spa / hot tub turning your water cloudy and reduced the effectiveness of your sanitizer. By adding shock regularly these organic contaminants are oxidized.


  • pH Stable – reduces demand for water balancing chemicals
  • pH Booster – raises pH
  • pH Reducer – lower pH
  • Alka–Rise – pH stabilizer and raises the total alkalinity
  • Cal-Rise – raises the calcium hardness

Water Balance is critical to the overall performance of your spa / hot tub. Water that is not balanced can cause damage to your equipment, create less effective sanitization, and make the water uncomfortable for those using it.  The pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and the Free Sanitizer should be checked regularly to make sure they are within the recommended ranges.

Specialty Products:

  • Prevent ll – eliminates and prevents staining and scale
  • Spa Clear – concentrated clarifier to restore water clarity
  • Defoamer – eliminates and prevents foaming
  • Descummer – eliminates offensive odors, water scum build up and cloudy water
  • Ulta-Spa – conditions and clarifies the water
  • Whirlpool Rinse – degreases and removes harmful residue from the plumbing
  • Zorbie – floating sponge that reduces foul odors and foaming
  • Spa Ball – absorbs oils and scum
  • Restore – cover cleaner and protectant
  • TNL – cleans vinyl, tile and chrome
  • Spa Polish – leaves a hard protective coat on acrylic and fiberglass finishes
  • Cartridge Cleaner – removes grease, body oils, and scale from filters
  • AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner

For information on these and any other product listed contact our store or come in for a visit and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff.

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