Chemicals for your Pool



To protect swimmers health and water quality, We carry a complete line of Sanitizers and Balancers as well as speciality products. To ensure sanitizer efficiency, your pool water must be in balance.


We carry various disinfecting products:

  • Bromine Tablets
  • Super Stix -Chlorine
  • Vinyl Shock – Lithium Hypochlorite
  • Oxy Out – non sanitized shock
  • Super Tabs – Chlorine
  • Chlorine Granular
  • Pool Shock – Calcium Hypochlorite
  • Liquid Chlorine by the case -15 litres

Water balance is important to the overall performance of any sanitizer as well as the longevity of the liner and pool equipment. It is important that test strips are used regularly to accurately correct issues with the water before things get out of hand. Even Salt Pools are affected this same way.


  • PH Up
  • Alka Plus
  • Acid Majic
  • Meta-Sol – stain & scale preventer
  • PhDown
  • Cal Plus
  • Stabilizer – granular & pucks


Neglect of a swimming pool or even nature’s harsh climatic conditions can create water imbalance. this leads to cloudy water, metal staining or even the dreaded algae-bloom. Unique speciality chemicals have been formulated to correct even the most demanding problem. Clarifiers, Algeacides in both liquid and puck form, flocking agents to get the largest grouping of particles, filter cleaners to clean out the trapped algae and dead bacterial matter, No Phos for the nasty phosphates that can take over a pool and render a salt cell useless creating an algae issue, and stabilizer the product needed by all Chlorine sanitized pools including salt pools, in order to prevent the sun from diminishing all the chlorine sanitizer in your pool. All of these products are available at the store along with expert advice as to their purpose and dosage needed for your problem.

Salt Cells frequently need to be cleaned with a cleaner which we also carry. Keeping your equipment & filters cleaned insures a better season.

Speciality Products:

  • Salt Cell Cleaner
  • Filter Free – filter cleaner
  • C – Clear – concentrated flocculent
  • Pool Drops – liquid algaecide with 6% copper sulphate

  • Pool Pucks – solid algaecide pucks for the skimmer / once a month treatment
  • Formula 6000 – 60% liquid algaecide

  • Formula 500 – 40% liquid algaecide / great for weekly maintenance
  • Cover Free – an invisible barrier that conserves water and heating energy

  • Stain Free – an All Natural way to eliminate staining to pool liners and finishes
  • Stay Clean – stain remover due to metals

  • Fix A Leak – for swimming pools, Spas & Hot Tubs
  • TNL – cleaner for liners, walls of the pool or hot tub, steps, and chrome areas.

  • Fresh Start – sand filter cleaner
  • Quick Clear – concentrated clarifier
  • No – Phos – phosphate remover

Products & Services

Lagoon Pools & Spas is proud to offer the following pool & spa products and services. If you’d like more information, or to find out more about Lagoon Pools & Spas services please contact us!